PRECOMMANDE Various - H-Street 35th Anniversary (Vinyle neuf/New LP)

PRECOMMANDE Various - H-Street 35th Anniversary (Vinyle neuf/New LP)

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Various - H-Street 35th Anniversary (Vinyle neuf/New LP)

Précommande, livraison autour du 10 juillet. Reservez votre copie.

  • 2024, France
  • red vinyl
  • Neuf/New
  • Stereo Ronin Records

In the early 1990s, before the era of social media dominance, skateboarding culture found its voice through magazines and VHS video releases, notably from brands like Santa Cruz and Powell Peralta. These videos not only shaped the skateboarding world but also influenced creativity across various industries worldwide.

In 1988 and 1989, two groundbreaking videos, "Shackle Me Not" and "Hokus Pokus," emerged from the fledgling skateboard company: H-Street, unleashed a seismic shift in street skateboarding. These videos are revered as iconic masterpieces, celebrated for their innovative skateboarding sequences and unforgettable soundtracks.

“What’s particularly interesting about Hokus Pokus was its soundtrack, largely comprised of demo cassettes, unsigned artists, and bands with loose ties to the brand. Some of the songs were goofy, others almost anthemic, and few sounded of their time. Perhaps...

  • Kirk And The Jerks - To Be A Hero
    2 Sub Society - Hokus Montage
    3 Kirk And The Jerks - One Way To Do It
    4 Wonderful Broken Thing - Roam Around
    5 The Cry - Alone
    6 Voluntários da Pátria - O Homem Que Eu Amo
    7 Wonderful Broken Thing - Birds fly so high
    8 Kirk And The Jerks - Hang On To The Dream
    9 Figure Ground - Intro
    10 Kirk And The Jerks - Gun And A Tear
    11 The Cry - Twist Of Faith
    12 Sub Society - A Whole Lot Less
    13 Wonderful Broken Thing - We Don’t Touch
    14 Wonderful Broken Thing - Trains
    15 D.J. Dex/MT - Am Rap
    16 Potential Threat - Self Inflicted Pain
    17 Johnny Monster - Witch Doctor
    18 Wonderful Broken Thing - Is This What You Wanted

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